Michigan Secretary of the State - ExpressSOS

The Michigan SOS offers the online service ExpressSOS where you can conduct business with the Michigan SOS Office quickly and easily.  At the Express SOS Site you can preform the following primary tasks offered by the Express SOS website:

  • Renew Driver's License
  • Replace Driver's License
  • Renew State ID Card
  • Replace State ID Card
  • Renew Vehicle Plate/Tab
  • Renew Watercraft
  • Duplicate Registration
  • Duplicate Title
  • Update Address/Profile Details
  • Online Opt Out

If renewing your drivers license you will need to meet the following criteria: You must be a U.S. citizen to renew your driver's license online. You will also need to provide:

  1. The last four digits of your Social Security number
  2. Your driver's license number
  3. Your date of birth and eye color

Michigan SOS ExpressSOS Online Resources:

1056 Rogers Plaza, Wyoming, MI, 49509
(888) 767-6424