Pennsylvania Unemployment Claims

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry was established in 1913, the DLI originally inspected the working conditions in factory buildings around the state. Over time, the Department's responsibilities expanded to administer benefits to unemployed workers, oversees the administration of workers' compensation benefits for job related injuries, and provides vocational rehabilitation to individuals with disabilities.

The Department of Labor & Industry also enforces laws and safety standards for workplace safety and overseas the Commonwealth's programs for community service by young citizens of PA.

How to Apply for Unemployment in Pennsylvania

  1. Go to the PA Department of Labors Website and click on the link on the left for Individuals.
  2. Next scroll half way down the page and click the link to "Apply for UC Benefits"
  3. Next you\'ll need to click the link on the right hand side to "File an initial Claim" and follow the onscreen directions
  4. Finally you\'ll need to fill with the JobGateway website within 30 days of filling an unemployment claim. This is the states Job bank and you must actively be seeking a job.


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