California State Bird

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California State Bird: California quail

Scientific Name: Callipepla californica

State Bird Description: The California quail which is sometimes known as the California valley quail is a small ground-dwelling bird. The California Quail has a curving plume that protrudes from the top of its head which is made of six feathers that curves forward toward it's beak. The males plume is black and the females is brown. The sides of the California Quail is brown with white streaks and the males have a darker brown cap and black face with a brown back and brown to yellowish belly. Female California Quails are mostly grey-brown with a lighter belly.

Where It's Found: The California Quail is found on the Pacific West Coast of the United States in California, Oregon, and Washington and north in Canada. They are primarily found in the Southwestern portions of the United States.

California State Bird Dedication: 1931