Iowa State Fish

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Iowa State Fish: Channel catfish

Scientific Name: Ictalurus punctatus

State Fish Description: The Channel Catfish is one of the most numerous catfish species in the United States, and is the most popular catfish for anglers to fish for. Channel Catfish are a silver sided catfish with a darker back and whom have a very keen sense of smell. Channel Catfish are fished for in rivers, lakes, and ponds in the US and can be caught on a wide variety of bait such as worms, livers, cut bait, shad, shiners and minnows.

Where It's Found: Channel Catfish are found in rivers, lakes, and ponds in most states in the United States and the lower sections of Canada mostly around the Great Lakes. In Iowa Channel Catfish are found in locations such as Lake Pahoja, Lake Okoboji, English River, The Des Moines River, Cedar River, Iowa River, Raccoon River, and lower Skunk River.

Iowa State Fish Dedication: 2001