Minnesota State Bird

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Minnesota State Bird: Common loon

Scientific Name: Gavia immer

State Bird Description: The Common Loon is an easily recognizable bird due to it's color pattern of black and white and it's red eyes. It's also easily recognized through sound due to the haunting "laugh" call of a loon which can be heard for many miles on lakes throughout the northern parts of the US. The Common Loon is a diver bird which feeds by diving underwater to catch fish, the loon can stay underwater for upwards of 3 minutes and can dive to 200 feet.

Where It's Found: The Common Loon or Great Northern Loon calls it's year round home the northern lakes of the north east and central northern parts of the US and the west coast of Canada which stretches into the southern sections of Alaska. The Common Loon breads in Canada, Alaska, and Greenland and will winter on the sea coasts of North America and Europe.

Minnesota State Bird Dedication: 1961