Oklahoma State Bird

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Oklahoma State Bird: Scissor-tailed flycatcher

Scientific Name: Tyrannus forficatus

State Bird Description: The Scissor-tailed flycatcher also referred to as kingbirds or Texas bird-of-paradise and the swallow-tailed flycatcher is very long tailed bird that is easily recognized due to it's long tail. When flying they are more easy to spot because of the long tail and how it splits making it look like it has two tails. The adult Scissor-tailed flycatcher has darker wings and a lighter underbody. As their name implies they mostly feed on bugs such as grasshoppers, robber-flies, and dragonflies.

Where It's Found: The Scissor-tailed flycatcher is found south-central states of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas; western portions of Louisiana, Arkansas, and Missouri; far eastern New Mexico; and northeastern Mexico.

Oklahoma State Bird Dedication: 1951