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Pennsylvania State Bird

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Pennsylvania State Bird: Ruffed grouse

Scientific Name: Bonasa umbellus

State Bird Description: The Ruffed Grouse is a medium sized bird that spends much of it's time on the ground in dense parts of the forest. The ruffed grouse can often be heard drumming which is the bird rapidly wing beating which creates a low frequency sound that can be heard for about a quater of a mile in the forest. The ruffed grouse male also will put on quite a show during matting season where the male will puff himself up and spread his tail feathers to show off for a female ruffed grouse. The feathers around a male ruffed grouse will puff out which leaves him looking like a he has a main around his neck.

Where It's Found: The ruffed grouse is commonly found throughout the Appalachian Mountains often hiding in dense forest or mountain laurel.

Pennsylvania State Bird Dedication: 1931