Nebraska Judicial System

The Nebraska judicial branch of state government interprets and applies existing states law to court cases that are brought before the court. State courts in the United States handles a vast majority of all civil and criminal cases that reside in the state. Generally there are several courts that handle different legal matters in each state such as a State Supreme Court, Appellate Court & Trial Courts.

Information that can be found on the State's judicial site may include but is not limited to following:

  • Court calendars and procedures
  • Court News,
  • Judge Biographies,
  • Directories & Contact Information
  • Legal forms & Court records
  • Court Opinions and Case Reports,
  • Info on how to file a claim
  • Information for divorce or financial dispute settlements.
  • Probate courts
  • Small claims courts
  • Information for Juries
  • The state's law library
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