State Fish in the United States

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In the United States most but not all US States have declared state fish that represent their state.  These fish generally are a sporting fish that is sought after by fisherman or may be in large numbers in the state.  In some instances such as Hawaii, the Humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa also known as a reef triggerfish is such a beautiful fish it represents the beauty of the islands of Hawaii.  The only states without state fish currently are Ohio, Kansas, and Arkansas.

Alabama Freshwater State FishAlabama Freshwater State Fish Alabama Saltwater State FishAlabama Saltwater State Fish Alaska State FishAlaska State Fish Arizona State FishArizona State Fish California Freshwater State FishCalifornia Freshwater State Fish California Saltwater State FishCalifornia Saltwater State Fish Colorado State FishColorado State Fish Florida Freshwater State FishFlorida Freshwater State Fish Florida Saltwater State FishFlorida Saltwater State Fish Georgia State FishGeorgia State Fish Hawaii State FishHawaii State Fish Idaho State FishIdaho State Fish Illinois State FishIllinois State Fish Indiana State FishIndiana State Fish Iowa State FishIowa State Fish Kentucky State FishKentucky State Fish Louisiana State FishLouisiana State Fish Maine State FishMaine State Fish Maryland State FishMaryland State Fish Massachusetts State FishMassachusetts State Fish Michigan State FishMichigan State Fish Minnesota State FishMinnesota State Fish Mississippi State FishMississippi State Fish Missouri State FishMissouri State Fish Missouri (Other) State FishMissouri (Other) State Fish Montana State FishMontana State Fish Nebraska State FishNebraska State Fish Nevada State FishNevada State Fish New Hampshire Freshwater State FishNew Hampshire Freshwater State Fish New Hampshire Saltwater State FishNew Hampshire Saltwater State Fish New Jersey State FishNew Jersey State Fish New Mexico State FishNew Mexico State Fish New York Freshwater State FishNew York Freshwater State Fish New York Saltwater State FishNew York Saltwater State Fish North Carolina Saltwater State FishNorth Carolina Saltwater State Fish North Carolina Freshwater State FishNorth Carolina Freshwater State Fish Oregon State FishOregon State Fish Pennsylvania State FishPennsylvania State Fish Rhode Island State FishRhode Island State Fish South Carolina State FishSouth Carolina State Fish South Dakota State FishSouth Dakota State Fish Tennessee State FishTennessee State Fish Tennessee (Other) State FishTennessee (Other) State Fish Texas State FishTexas State Fish Utah State FishUtah State Fish Vermont State FishVermont State Fish Vermont (Other) State FishVermont (Other) State Fish Virginia Freshwater State FishVirginia Freshwater State Fish Virginia Saltwater State FishVirginia Saltwater State Fish Washington State FishWashington State Fish West Virginia State FishWest Virginia State Fish Wisconsin State FishWisconsin State Fish Wyoming State FishWyoming State Fish