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Delaware is situated on the eastern shore of the United States and is bordered by Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland. Delaware ranks 49th in size among the 50 states, making is the second smallest state in the US. Delaware's total area is 2,044 square miles. Delaware lies mostly within the Atlantic Coastal Plain with the exception of the very northern tip which is part of the Piedmont Plateau. The highest elevation in Delaware is 448 Feet and it's overall elevation is 60 feet making it the lowest in overal elevation in the US.

Entered the Union: December 7, 1787 (1st State)

Delaware Capital City: Dover

Lagest Cities in Delaware: Wilmington, Dover, Newark, Middletown, Smyrna, Milford, Seaford, Georgetown, Elsmere, New Castle

Bordering States: Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Delaware 2013 Population (Estimate): 925,749

Delaware 2010 Population (Estimate): 897,936

Origin of State Name: From Delaware River and Bay; named in turn for Sir Thomas West, Baron De La Warr

State Motto: Liberty and independence

Delaware Nickname: Diamond State; First State; Small Wonder

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