Georgia State Bird

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Georgia State Bird: Brown thrasher

Scientific Name: Toxostoma rufum

State Bird Description: The Brown Thrasher is a member of the Mimidae bird family which also includes the mockingbird. The Brown Thrasher is a reddish-brown bird with a white speckled brown underbelly. The Brown Trasher is a large thrasher whcih feeds on insects, fruits and nuts. The Brown Thrasher calls it's home for much of the year the southern states of the United States then uses the Northeast as a breeding ground, during the winter months the Brown Thrasher migrates to parts of Texas and Mexico.

Where It's Found: The Brown Thrasher is found in the eastern and central parts of the US, and southern and central parts of Canada, and is the only thrasher to live primarily east of the Rockies and central Texas.

Georgia State Bird Dedication: 1928