Mississippi State Flower

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Mississippi State Flower: Magnolia

Scientific Name: Magnolia

State Flower Description: Magnolia are a showy flower that is very fragrant and is white, pink, purple, green, or yellow. The Magnolia flower posseses 3 sepals and 6-12 petals. Magnolia flowers don't have petals and sepals so to say but are made up of petal-like tepals. Magnolias bloom from April to June only after the completion of their seventh year. Magnolias are thought to be one of the earliest known flowering plants dated back to around 130 million years. The Magnolia is the state flower of Mississippi and Louisiana.

Where It's Found: Magnolias are native to eastern North America, Central America and the West Indies and Asia, as well as South America. Magnolias are representative of the southern states in the United States and are found growing on the end of the evergreen species.

Mississippi State Flower Dedication: 1952


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